Reflection on current COVID19 situation


The covid19 exposure has been the best and worst hit for the humanity. We needed an apocalyptic wake-up call to remind us of our role in this world. The elephant in the room,i.e the pandemic showed us our best and worst qualities.We thought we reached the pinnacle and we have come to the top of the civilization. But in an instance, between a morning and evening everything changed upon us.For the first time that I’ve ever known, doors to religious places of worship have been indefinitely closed. For a person of faith, that’s a great wake up call for one ever needed one.

The covid19 is definitely taking so much from us. But it is also giving us some special reflection for our life.This pandemic made me realize that I’ve taken so many things for granted. It has shaken us and showed us, we are dependent on something much bigger than we think. I used to go out whenever I wanted without thinking twice about the potential dangers of the world. I have money in the bank,but I cant get what I crave for or get what I need. A slightest change in my plans use to drive me nuts. Among many more other things I’ve taken for granted and forgot how blessed I was.Now the opportunity came for our whole circle to work together, learn together and to grow together.

The best way to stay calm amidst the current situation is to focus on the present moment. We need to have routine and consistency to stay sane during this surreal and unprecedented time to escape the mundane.We will all come through this, some more battered than others, but if we leave these testing times having not learned these testing time having not learnt to appreciate all the good that it was meant to show us and improve our presence in this world so that we can benefit it as much as we take from it, then we really have no hope left in humanity. We can see silver lining everywhere.Since human activity has decreased worldwide, the planet has started to breathe again. The skies have begun to clear again from the toxicity produced by our way of life. Nature feels much safer when we have restricted to our homes.

My hope is that we don’t come out of this situation unchanged. We have to constantly remind and ponder ourself how blessed we are to have the freedom and will to do everything we desire without any limitations. This too shall pass and what will remain is what we learn from it.


Positive Reflection on the current Pandemic Situation | Quarantine Life | Stay At Home

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  1. Beth says

    You’re absolutely right that this has taken a lot from all of us. I love your perspective and agree that we need to learn and grow from this situation. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Anonymous says

    Great article! I love that you wrote that you hope after this is done, things don’t go back to “normal” so we learn from it. Such a great concept.


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