Same World, Fresh Perspectives




Facing 2021 with Fresh Perspectives


2020 has pushed us to our limits as humans. 

We thought staying at home was easy as 1-2-3, until our stay took more than six months and we just all wanted to go to the beach, to the park, anywhere outside where we could breathe. We thought spending time with the family was great, until working at home with your husband and kids took all our patience. We thought online education was the next frontier until our connections, social and interpersonal communications suffered and we just want to meet everyone face to face once again.

Although many changes has occurred this year, we still live in the same changing world and we have to embrace the fact that we live in that kind of place where change will be so evident, only this time, change is faster. The changes may have pushed us to our limits, but it doesn’t mean that it is the end of what we can do.

This year we have also discovered many things and explored different ventures. We realized that some meetings can take place and are better online. We discovered some new hobbies that would never have been discovered if we were not home quarantined. Some women have even started their started businesses when the pandemic started. 

Yes, 2020 has stretched us, but it stretched us so we can re-discover ourselves. That we can do more or live with less.

In the year ahead, let’s see the same changing world with fresh eyes; with excited perspectives willing to take on the adventures ahead. Leave this year behind, leave all the sorrows, the heartaches, the burdens of 2020, but be sure to take with us all the great learnings and experiences as we use them for 2021.

Be ready to dive into the new year, confident that we can make it through once again. With fresh perspectives, we keep adjusting how we see the things that our coming our way. We take them in and use them at our expense by placing them before us as stepping stones and opportunities for our success. 

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