Nut and Bolts of Applying for a Saudi Drivers License for Women

When Play Becomes Reality!

Congratulations Ladies on being able to drive in Saudi Arabia! 🙂

What an incredible milestone.

Pathways Jeddah have put together a guide on how to apply for a Saudi driver’s license. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or would like to share updates or valuable tips and information.

Note: This guide reflects the given information at the time of writing this article. We will try to update it accordingly so please make sure to read the comment section

Big thank you to all the ladies who shared with us their experience and the process they took.

Until the writing of this article, expat women whose iqama is dependent on their father or husband may not apply for a driver’s license. We understand this is disappointing news but patience sisters, there are reports that this matter will be solved in the coming few months.

To Register for a Driver’s License:

Abshir Machine
  • You will need an Abshir account. See below if you don’t have one.
  • Go to, You may need an Arabic speaker to help you. [ See here]



  • You will be asked if you are exchanging your license or applying for on.
  • Upload the requirement documents
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Make a payment before you go in for your exam (this can be done via sadad) :
  • 200 Saudi riyals for a 5-year drivers license
  • 400 Saudi riyals for a 10-year drivers license

Documents you will need to exchange your foreign drivers’ license

  • copy of your ID or Iqama
  • copy of VALID foreign driver’s license
  • copy of the translation of the driver’s license

Have your driver’s license translated into Arabic by a recognized translation office. This will not be required for a foreign license from another Arab country. (from our experience, this took about a day, maybe less)

First timers and expired license

Here are the steps for those who are applying for first-time driver’s licenses and those who license has expired

Go to

  • Register your in name in English and Arabic, date of birth, your email address and phone number
  • expired licenses: upload a copy, what country it’s from when it expired
  • upload copy of your ID (National / Iqama)
  • upload a passport photo of you
  • what kind of license do you want: private, business…
  • you will be reminded to do a physical check-up.
  • once you submit the info, you will get an email confirmation.
  • Pick your training date

For an Expired Driver’s License:

450 6 hours practical training
75 driving test
26.25 VAT
551.25 Total


Physical Checkup

(this includes the blood test, to determine your blood type and a vision test). THEY WILL ASK FOR A PHOTO (4X6). Not all hospitals and clinics have this service. Even those who claim to have it don’t necessarily have the needed working system.

Medical facilities that we know for sure have it:

  • Abeer clinics (Only Sharafayah branch) price 100 SR.
  • IMC but it will be more expensive [400 SR].
  • Rawdah Family clinic


Is a portal that helps individuals connect with the government and apply for services such as, apply and renew a driver’s license, pay traffic violations, renew a passport, and connect with civil affairs. It has been suggested that everyone should have an Abshir account. it is how you connect with the Saudi government.

Unfortunately, at this time, expat dependents are not able to have an Abshir account.

To register at Abshir:

Go online and register at Choose new user. Top right

  1. You will be asked to enter your ID (or Iqama),
  2. your mobile number (note: one user per mobile number
  3. some people have shared that picking a username is both difficult and tricky. Try different combinations of (letters, numbers, and symbols)
  4. Once your registration is complete, go to an Abshir machine to activate your account and give a fingerprint. Red Sea Mall and Arab Mall have activation machines. [Some people found they needed to register using the Abshir machine first, and then register online]
  5. For a list of activation machines:!ut/p/z0/fY49C8IwFEX_iovzCypFx-DQarEgBa1ZQoyv9dmSNB-V_nyDk5PbuXA594KABoRRb-pUJGvUkPJNZHJ3zvdFsVmVrNoyxg8Vv5QntmZ1BjUaOIL4X0oWejknOAhtTcQ5QjOqEEbrY1iyHwz0wMXdzpjYTaR7OahJP6XHjkL031vSti1pDDJNj31-_QAn_rmp/

Handy Apps:

  • Najm: to report traffic accidence. They come straight to you.
  • Google map: or any other similar app (make sure it’s updated)
  • Morni: this app is for roadside assistance and is the equivalent of AAA in the United States. Note: none of Jeddah Pathway’s family has tried it before so no review is available at this time.
  • @eMorror (twitter) This is the official account for Saudi Traffic police (morror)
  • Kolona Amn app. Arabic for “We are all security”. The app has been launched by the Ministry of Interior. You can report traffic violations and harassments

Instagram Accounts worth mentioning: It has some great tips on driving in Saudi Arabia whether it is through safety tips or ‘how-tos’

Important phone numbers:

Police 999
Fire department 998
Red Crescent 997
Road Security 996
Traffic Police (Morror) 993
Emergency 911
Najm 920000560


General tips:

  • MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INSURANCE and registration
  • Driving can be stressful especially for those who are used to clear traffic regulations. Relax, remember to breathe.
  • The overall attitude on female has been pretty good and welcoming. Some people might want to take your picture. you are welcome to decline if you don’t feel comfortable
  • Wear your seatbelts.
  • Remember, it’s not personal! Reckless driving, aggrieve driving and constant use of the horn is the norms and it has nothing to do with you being a female driver
  • Don’t use your mobile while driving
  • You do not have to be an aggressive driver to be a safe driver
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Taking the driving test can be intimidating but from our experience, members of the traffic police (morror) have been incredibly supportive and friendly towards female drivers <3


Happy & Safe driving <3

Feel free to join the WhatsApp group using this link if you have a quick question…

WhatsApp Group for the How to Get Drivers Licence


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