Scared, I am of the little things,

how long can we hold on to the strings.

Scared, I am that one day you'll disappear,

deep in the realms of your own atmosphere.

Scared, I am of standing in the crowd all alone,

in the night's darkness nothing would shone.

Scared, I am that the day could just let me drop,

hurt me to the core and this would never stop.

Scared, I am that I wouldn't feel you once again,

left alone with the bleeding heart tied with a chain.

Scared, I am that on me it would never rain,

every grieving drop would relate my undying pain.

Scared, I am of  being scared,

yearning but have never dared.

Scared, without you my breath coming slow,

just keep holding on as I feel the flow.

Scared, that I might lose you someday,

but deep within my soul the anchor's aweigh.


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