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Have you ever held back from buying your favorite book simply because it will burn a huge hole in your pocket? Fret not! Every city these days has numerous second-hand book stores.

In Jeddah, it took me a long time to find such a place. So I stuck to e-books and pdf version. But nothing can compare to the feel and smell of a hardbound book in your hands.

Very recently, a friend told me about this place called Mawakeb Al-Ajr. It is associated with Aytaam Al-Taif (Taif Orphanage) charity organization. This place is a haven for all second-hand things. From books to furniture, jewelry to clothes, electronics to kitchenware, there is very little not to be found here. You can even find some priceless antiques!

Naturally, my main attraction is books. You will find any and all varieties of books and authors, in English and Arabic. Most of my books in my personal library come from here. The books range from SR 3 to SR 10 maximum. Only exceptional books will cost you SR 15. Even then, you will want to pay them more; firstly because compared to expensive bookstores, you can buy 5-6 books in place of 1. Secondly, because the all the money they earn is donated to a cause.

One time, I bought more than 10 books for SR 80 only! I must say, you definitely cannot find a better bargain than this, all the while contributing to a great cause.

Apart from buying things, you can even donate your belongings if you have any excess or if you no longer need them. They accept donations of all kinds and sell them and use that money for their charity. I haven’t had the heart to part with my books just yet. However, I do donate old clothes which are in good condition and which I no longer wear.

So stop thinking twice about indulging in your passion. Just shop smart and save more at such places. If you know about more such places in and around Saudi Arabia, please feel free to add in the comments.

Location in Google Maps for Mawakeb Al-Ajr : Al Arabi, Al-Khalidiyah, Jeddah 23422

Google Maps: Mawakeb Al-Ajr

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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Thank you… I often worry about how much I spend on books. I will definitely go their for the kids books I’ve been wanting to buy.

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