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An Interview With Alia / LuloBlue

Do you ever wonder about other women’s lives? Like actual real day-to-day, hard working women? So often I meet one and think wow, she looks so great, works so hard and seems to get so much done! I wonder what she is doing to keep it all together like that. Or hear about someone and think wow, I wonder what she is doing so well, and how can she do all she does… without collapsing. We admire them and often have them as mentors.

With that in mind, Pathways will be interviewing women and posting their interviews here in our community journal. These are women I know personally or have been recommended to me as being women who inspire others to do more and be better; women who motivate others and are truly beautiful inside and out. Let’s peek into their lives just a bit, shall we?

I have the pleasure of meeting many women along my path in life, but truly not all of them move my heart quite like Alia. The first time I had met her all I could think of was, “Here is the frosting on the Cupcakes, and Sparkle and Shine Baby!” She writes a monthly column, LuloBlue for Pathways Jeddah.

She serves as a gentle reminder when you have the pleasure of working with her, that we should not just ‘settle’ for good if we could do better. She is all in or all out because she only gives her best. She adopted me, and I couldn’t be more proud when she calls me mama. 🙂

She fits the definition of greatness so well. She is an architect, a loving mother, a caring wife, a trustworthy friend, a dedicated volunteer and a supporter of anyone at all. Her qualities are many, but to name a few; she motivates, inspires, works hard, plays fair, and will make you feel like you are the best person in the world when she talks to you.

Without any more delay, lets peak inside a bit and see what makes her tick.

We asked her,

  • Words that touch your soul?
“You cannot dream yourself into a character. You must hammer and forge yourself one.”
– James A. Froude
  • Greatest comfort?

Nothing is constant change is always available if we chose to decide and act upon it, only when you’re willing of change is more than wanting to live the way you are now can you change

  • Things you should be proud of?

I’m proud of being truly who I am and never giving up

  • Goals and dreams present and future?

My goal is that every year I excel and make sure I never live a new year without excelling in a year that past, I dream to fulfill my true calling which is helping others and by that, I’m currently working on becoming a well-known life coach & Rapid transformational therapist

  • What are you grateful for?

Grateful for all the wealth, health and happiness I have

  • Ways in which you can love others

Love others by being the best form of yourself first, then help others when you can, only by understanding that there is abundance that can be for everyone and is enough for everyone will you truly learn to love another, for only then you will understand to not envy and wish them the best as you wish yourself.

  • Things that make you happy, body and soul
    1. Being organized in my time, tasks and dreams
    2. Having time to reflect on my actions
    3. Being as healthy as possible
  • Places you want to go

I want to go back to Seychelles loved that place it is really heaven on earth

  • Ways to cleanse for spring

Set new goals and declutter both your environments and your life

  • Favorite essentials

My planner and my essential oils

  • Things that feel like home

My pillow

  • Favorite things to make or do?

I love coloring by number it relaxes me, and I love baking

  • Childhood dreams?

To become an actress

  • Favorite quotes

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

“Watch you thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” – Anonymous

“I’m a work in progress.” – Allen Jackson

  • People you admire

Oprah Winfrey

  • Best advice for overcoming failures

Never give up for you have the strongest tool ever which is your mind, so change your thought and you will change your circumstances.

  • Ways you are energized

Music, reading, learning, being with my friends

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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Love your greatest comfort… 😍 “Greatest comfort?
    Nothing is constant change is always available if we chose to decide and act upon it, only when you’re willing of change is more than wanting to live the way you are now can you change.”

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