How To Stay Positive and Productive During COVID-19 Pandemic | Stay at home life

Ola! It has been 4 weeks the kids are having virtual classes at home, and 2nd week for me teaching virtually, while having them at the same time! This is how we can all stay positive during this pandemic:

1. HOME with the kids.

Two is sweet, four run any mom nuts. But, seeing them safe and sound is everything I want now.

2. REST more.

Always worked too much, more than my body capabilities. Sometimes I forgot my age. This year, I        I am servicing an academic institution and that is sufficient for the time being. Putting all my                 experiences working in university since 2001. Some paperwork completed just nice.

3. SAVE as it has always been challenging.

Being close to economists and accountants back home was easy. Being with shopaholic friends,              hmm, not helpful. Being in several women solo travellers group, worst! Saved some, and for sure          I will be afraid to travel anywhere the next 6 months!

4. READ during this extra time.

More time to research, and hopefully publish. Gosh, didn’t write any academic paper last year except commercial articles like this. Busy teaching and traveling. This year God is giving this opportunity, must do.

5. THINK of a new hobby.

Always watch movie at home, cinemas are closed anyway. Taekwando? Yellow belt in 1995. Why not?

6. LEARN new skills or take a new course.

There are several free ones online. I registered for E-Learning course but haven’t started anything yet!

This is the link

You can also stream stories from Amazon now as they are all free! Link

Or send your kids to 17 museums virtually in Europe using this link

Or, have some free entertainment through this Online Broadway Musical using this link

7. PRAY.

Always hope to have more time and nah, now God is giving us the TIME we always asked for. Pray more.

Stay safe everyone.

Dr Ty

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  1. Anonymous says

    Great tips! Thanks. 😊

  2. Breanna says

    YES! This is so nice, to read something refreshing about the whole situation. Positive outlook!

  3. Angela says

    Totally agree with being home and safe with the kids. Good point!


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