Strong working woman

By: LuloBlue

Have you faced a situation and someone told you oh you’re a woman you can’t do it? You can’t imagine how many times I have faced that while either working or looking for a job. Don’t let that put you off. I have heard it all from “oh you’re married we don’t hire a married woman” to “oh that is a man’s job you shouldn’t be doing that”. But that never stopped me accomplishing what I wanted to achieve. The best feeling in the world is when you go into a meeting and you see a room filled with men that don’t take you seriously and then coming out of that meeting with everyone respecting you. Remember when you’re feeling down while being faced with similar situations the following:

  • Woman are better drivers.
  • Woman have been earning more bachelor’s degree than men since 1982.
  • Woman have been earning more master’s degrees the men since 1981.
  • Woman attend Ivy League schools more than men.
  • Woman/girls earn 75% of all honours in degrees.
  • Woman/girls earn 79% of the highest honours.
  • Women handle stress better than men.
  • Women are better at finding things than men.
  • Women are better at multitasking than men.
  • Women are better computer programmers than men.
  • Women make better leaders than men.
  • Women are better with money than men,

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