The Dream…What’s Yours?


I am grateful with everything Allah has granted me with. I have a wonderful husband, beautiful kids, and a family.

My family is far from perfect. I scream, I yell, I am so disorganized. Our house is big and messy; it was never neat maybe only the ground floor when the cleaner came. I thank Allah every day climbing up and down the stairs to third floor. My house back home has 3 floors as well, even bigger than this rented ones. But still, I am thankful, beyond words.

I praise Allah every day for giving me this life. A life everyone’s dreamt of, but maybe not me. I dream of a simple life, living in a cute wooden house on the beach, with a small family. I can walk or lie down on the beach the whole day, with the person I love, the man I want to spend my life with. But it turns out that my husband hates beaches!

The houses I have lived in were always so huge, that I always told my husband, if we can move to our small villa, or the tiny apartment we have? But when we used to live in smaller space, I was the one who wanted to buy the mansion.


One day I just got tired of the material things I have. Have you ever felt the same? when people are joking about how lucky we are and we feel like slapping them?

Life is so strange; it is so different. Allah had carefully planned our fate and the journey we were supposed to follow. We are so innocent that we thought we knew everything and should decide our own path. Why do some people end up marrying the wrong person? Why we feel like we are at the wrong company. Or living where we hate to be. Strange? That’s life.

After the turning point. I changed. I started to hate expensive stuff, I appreciate human beings more. I love my friends more. I love my family more. My interests are not being divided into items anymore, but people.

I save to fly back to see my loved ones, I save to bring my family to travel.

I appreciate experiences more than material things. I appreciate nature more than concrete. I still appreciate beaches.

I am an island girl, who still hope that one day, I will have that small tiny little wooden house on the beach, where I could walk and lie down the whole day with the person I love. That is my dream. Hopefully by then, my husband will change his mind.

Do you have a dream like this? Tell us about it!


Dr Ty

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  1. Anonymous says

    You are so right. We should always appreciate experiences more than material things. I love your dream also. My dream is to strive to live my life so well that the effects of that reach others. :).


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