The Mystic Force

Have you ever experienced that when you are thinking of someone and the very next moment you got the call from that person? Or you met someone with whom you get along so well from the very first meeting. It feels incredible to have such experiences, as it reminds us that there is some mystical force operating behind the scenes, working in our favor. Some call it telepathy, intuition, fate, luck or karma. In general, people love mysterious things. Such events, give them a sense of hope that something more significant is happening out there, which is working mysteriously in their favor.

It is fascinating, yet very little is understood. Each one of us has miraculous spiritual power but has been curbed by society. The educational system, on the other hand, has shaped up our cognitive abilities to judge everything logically and defy everything which does not conform with logic or physical science.

Our soul or aura does not need words to communicate. It connects with others through frequencies and vibrations. It is pure energy, the more we fill our soul or aura with positive energy, the shinier it glows and attracts what we sometimes perceive it as coincidences. These uncanny conjunction of events or startling serendipity are not just a result of coincidences. Many people have defined it in different ways.

Law of Cause and Effect states that everything happens for a reason, there are no accidents. We live in an orderly universe governed by the laws, which are yet to be unveiled. Similarly, the law of attraction defines it as the mental power to materialize our thoughts and turn them into reality.

Carl Jung coined the term “Synchronicity” to explain this phenomenon, which he called the “Acausal Connecting Principle” that links mind and matter. When a person feels an intense desire, it releases the frequency through coinciding thoughts or feeling with an outside event; a dream, vision or premonition of something that then happens in the future. Synchronicity is a connection between an inner psychic event and an outer event, bridging psyche and matter.

Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved – Carl Jung.

Some scientist relates Synchronicity with the concept of entanglement and non-locality in quantum theory, as both of these theories have common grounds. Nonlocality occurs due to the entanglement of two particles that become permanently correlated or dependent on each other’s states and properties, to the extent that they effectively lose their individuality and, in many ways, behave as a single entity. Such a seamless connection between particles links to synchronicity, as it connects the thoughts with an outside event that appears to be out of the classical range of perception by a non-causal means.

Belief systems play an important role, as it goes strongly with the saying that a miracle happens to those who believe in them. The human mind is capable of achieving anything it desires. It possesses unlimited powers; all we need to do is to adjust our frequencies according to the rhythm of the universe to attract what we want.

So, use the divine energies that God gave you to nourish your soul and unleash the infinite possibilities.

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