The Woman in the Balcony

Standing in the balcony, there she stood looking as far as she could.

I was stuck in traffic when I saw this old lady in the second floor of her house. She was running her weakly wrinkled fingers just below her jaw, gently brushing her fingertips down her neck while in deep thoughts.

She seemed so sad. Her eyes looked worried, questioning some things, and yet calm at the same time. Maybe she’s thinking of her kids, I thought, as I hurriedly took my small red notebook to record as many details as I could about her.

I looked at her again, hoping I’d get stuck in traffic a little bit longer. I was not in a hurry anyway. Though I was looking from afar, I could feel she wanted to cry. She was holding her tears.


Maybe she was thinking of her kids who are by now all grown ups.

“Where are they?”

“When will they visit me?”

“Do they still remember me?”

“Do they still care?”

Maybe these were the thoughts lingering in her mind as she brushed her hands from her nape towards her throat as if trying to calm herself.


Maybe she was thinking of her past.

“What have I done?”

“What happened to us?”

“I did my best, God knows, I did my best.”

“I did it for my family.”

“Family first.”

“Have I done enough for them?”

Maybe she was thinking of her husband.

“I hope all is well with him.”

“Why did he leave me?”

“Why did he leave me so soon?”

“I thank God for giving me a great husband.”

“Help him be successful.”

The traffic light went green. Why so soon?, I sighed. Odd. I’m one of the few who wants to get stuck in traffic.

Our car had to go.

Did she cry?

Did she jump off?

Did she go inside the house to continue her chores?

I don’t really know.

If you still have a mom, make a call, send a message, give a visit.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or not, moms want to still be involved in their children’s affairs. Just update them, make them feel they are still part of your life. They love sharing stories to their friends. You are always part of their stories and prayers.

Maybe she’s in deep thoughts like the old woman above.

An extra effort can make their day.

Have a great day ahead!


Featured illustration by (click her name to see all her amazing artworks) : Magz Gigantone








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