To a new beginning


We saw it all, the year of fights,

As the world stood still, challenging our might

We saw it all, burning of our homes

Children crying while they pelted more than stones

We saw it all, people being treated like cattle

In the mind and heart, we lost all our battles

We saw it all, how in hunger they walked miles

To find shelter, relief and just a smile

We saw it all, people locked, away from touch

Blamed each other for the spread so much

We saw it all, corona, Amphan, Nisarga, locusts

Nature’s fury at its peak, reply to man’s power lusts

We saw it all, as each breath we take

Was to assure that everything was at stake.

We saw it all, as many of us came near to death

And many lost their dear ones, scarce of breath


Despite all, this year made me notice,

As I watched each day pass with a thumping heart


How grateful, to have to entered a new decade

How thankful for all the blessings that stayed

How beholden to see eyes where hope never fade

How obliged to feel the love and favours that He made

How appreciative to never feel my soul frayed

How hopeful that the coming year will be more staid

How life will heal, and will be blessed with all that we prayed

How I can never thank Him enough to hold me when I was afraid

His assurance gives strength and I know I will never be betrayed.

Everything will be alright.

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