Triumph Comes From A Place of Heart

One beautiful afternoon when I opened the Clubhouse application to find a strong vibrant voice say, “Divine Rising” and thought wow what a way to say good morning how profound.

Little did I know this person behind the voice would change my perspective and add wisdom to my life. When she spoke, it was like pockets of jewels coming out of her mouth being gifted to us from the Divine. She spoke of some things I had heard of but never knew the significance until she brought the message home.  I knew then that she would be someone I would connect with.

Days passed and we did we became friends in heart for I had never met her in the physical sense. We are living miles apart and connected by voice to help the collective raise their vibration. This beautiful person's name is La Ammitai. She is a Master Numerologist and an Inner-healing Coach.

With anyone who aspires to become a Master in something, there must have been a reason for such a passion; a story behind the drive to be a master in whatever they aspire.  When I asked her why she become a Master Numerologist, she told me, “I did not choose numbers, number chose me”.

When it came to numbers, her story began with her two Autistic children. Her eldest son was mute until the age of seven. Every day at the age of five he would take blocks and make the same color pattern on the living room floor. Day by day he started to add the same number sequences beside the color patterns. In the beginning, La Ammitai did not think much of the patterns. Like any mom, she saw it as a big mess and felt frustrated being a first-time mom with an autistic child.  Over time she noticed that the color patterns resemble the scientific color code, so it caught her attention. They made her think maybe there was something more to the patterns he placed in front of her.

She started to question how can a five-year-old know this? There must be something bigger behind it. She started paying more attention. She became a humble student to her child who was teaching her numbers and messages from his world. After that moment of awareness numbers appeared everywhere and recognized numerical sequences as if they were speaking to her. After that, her seven-year-old son spoke in those number sequences; even the words he learned had numbers attached to them. She then came to the understanding that numbers had meaning and they were full of life.

Numbers were codes with messages and that is what initiated her quest to understand what the meanings behind them so she could further communicate with her son. Even now, she still communicates with him through numbers. This is what led her to an obsession to find out what every number meant, especially ones that came from her son. Her quest led her to study vigorous hours under a master numerologist until she finally became one herself. In her quest, she found her son did not have a disability, but a superpower by being connected and being able to convey messages through numbers.

La Ammitai became an autism awareness advocate to teach others to shift their perspectives and get out of the belief that sees autism as a disability, a challenge, or they are behind normal society expectations and standards. She wanted everyone to realize it is a gift and a superpower that one must embrace such a divine uniqueness that we can all learn from. I asked her, “What is numerology?” She explained that it is the divine messages with coinciding events attached to the numbers or numerical sequences when those numbers appear.

What can motivate a person to eat, sleep, and breathe numbers more than a mother's love for her child? A mother who wanted to connect and understand her child. Experiences in our lives are put there  to make us become who we are meant to be. It was always La Ammitai’s destiny to be a great Master numerologist who knows how to define, decipher, decode, and transfer those number messages to others who need to understand them. If you are seeing numbers out there and feel that numbers are calling to you or you feel that you would like to know more about yourself through numbers reach out to her at .

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