Unleash Your Hidden Potentials

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The human brain possesses the most extraordinary powers. It controls all the internal functions of the body while at the same time, managing thought processes, learning new things emotionally, spiritually and doing much more.  Most of the time, our brain is working continuously day in day out, yet we have not realized our potentials to the fullest.

Our brain has a very vast and unexplained scope of power. Our thoughts have the ability to alter reality. Although many dismiss the idea of these extraordinary powers because they do not know these powers exist, while others do not understand these powers entirely.

Our mind is capable of achieving what is thought to be unattainable superpowers, such as telepathy, mind reading and extrasensory perception. Throughout history, many individuals have been practicing to attain such powers. Some called it Chakras while others call it Chi. The concept is found in almost all traditions and culture with different names.

The existence of such notions can be traced back to the ideology of Hermes’ Seven Principles.  The Buddha was the preacher of the same philosophy, as he said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.”  In recent times, the same notion, with the name of the Law of Attraction, has become significantly popular in the book and documentary “The Secret.”

All of them pointed out that in order to unleash the mind’s powers, one needs to have a Belief.  You can only attain the presumably unattainable things in life is if you believe that you can. The only way to unleash these powers is to believe and constant practice.

Every day we come across several stories of brave, successful people, who may have lost everything but with the power of belief they touch the peaks of success. For instance, when William Shakespeare, started writing, many people did not like his work due to which he had trouble finding good actors for his plays. He got very discouraged but his belief to achieve success, made him discover his hidden talents. He began performing in his own plays and gradually gained recognition.

J.K Rowling was utterly devastated after her divorce. She was too poor to afford a computer. She manually typed 90,000 words novel to send to publishers. She got dozens of rejection, until finally Bloomsbury, a small London publisher gave a second chance when its CEO’s daughter fell in love with it.

These people succeed because they had a strong belief that they can do it. Belief helps in unlocking our brain’s superpowers. However, only belief won’t get you anywhere, Focus and Urge to pursue the dream are the other essential elements needed.

Once you develop a firm belief, you are required to focus all your energies to attain your goal/dream. This can take time and tons of practice, but more importantly, it needs the person’s strong willpower/urge to succeed in unleashing the mind’s power to its full potential. All energies should be focused on achieving a goal, every day and every minute. There would be several hurdles on the way but stronger you maintain your focus the sooner you will reach your destination.

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