Valuing All People In Our Community


Happy Belated Eid!


I would like to remind myself first and then everyone how celebrations should remind us of the blessing of family. There are so many people in the world that have no one. If there is someone you know that doesn’t have family or any family living close, please take time to reach out and include them in some of your festivities. It takes minimal effort from us and can have a significant impact on others. Invite them to your religious or cultural celebrations. It is not essential if they follow the same religion, or are from a different culture; they will be happy to be included. Even though Eid has officially passed people keep celebrating for many days after, or arrange now for the next Eid.

We may not be able to change the world, but we can change someone’s world. Community completes people’s lives and makes their lives full of joy, and people complete the community and keep them happy. Two beautiful quotes express my sentiments.

Julie Foudy said, “I believe it’s our responsibility to show our communities the value of all people, to celebrate different, and to take a stand for acceptance and inclusion.”

Charles De Lint wrote something so profound, “I don’t want to live in the kind of world where we don’t look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. I can’t change the way anybody else thinks, or what they choose to do, but I can do my bit.”


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