Why Form Community?


Why Form Community?

                        By: Shareefa Basyyoni


            When life becomes stressful and difficult, wouldn’t it be better if you could turn to people that you know and trust?

The importance of community is becoming less stressed as one of the essential building blocks to leading a more fulfilled life. There are a lot of variables that play into this.  One of the primary factors is fear. Fear not only of not fitting in, but also fear of the people in the community; trust, prejudice, and even thinking that they all should be likeminded.  When things are difficult, people who have the strongest support system in the community always fair best.

            We are social beings in nature, and relying on family and a small circle of friends is not enough to give us the sense of belonging that is needed to make us feel happy and secure. Taking time to get to know the people living around us, can make us feel safer, secure and confident. It also gives us a chance to know new resources, events and opportunities that are close to where we live.

            Being in a community can inspire us to get involved, not only to change ourselves for the better, but to make ourselves a crucial part in the advancements and change of the whole.  It gives us an opportunity to voice our ideas, opinions and align with people to make great changes in society. We not only become a support, but also find support when we ourselves need it. 

            Forming communities helps us feel less lonely, more active, broaden our thinking and in general, lead a more adventurous and interesting life. We are happier, healthier and feel appreciated and worthwhile. We all have an internal need for purpose.  It is as ingrained in our DNA as is our need to belong.

            Forming communities, help individuals succeed, for the betterment of the people, and the benefit of themselves.  The economy and small businesses become stronger.  People buy from those they trust and know well, and turn to local sellers. They stop turning to giants for their purchase needs.  They can develop their skills by connecting with people who have the same interest, and invest their time and talents to serve the community and future generations. 

            Online communities are great as a start to build the initial connections, and form trust and relationships within our surroundings.  They can also help us find jobs, items we want to purchase, entertainment, good schools and programs, and accomplish tasks. But it should be only the start.  After that the connections made should be met by social gatherings and meetings, and break off in smaller groups still connected to the larger group. 

            Overall, being part of your local community will enhance your day to day life, and add to your quality of life. So, smile, be kind, say hello to your neighbors, expand your circle of friends, volunteer and go ahead and change the world.

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