Why you should Play Sudoku

So, Sudoku day falls on September 9th. If they chose a day for it, then it must be something special, right? I recently found out it was not considered a game, but a puzzle and this was a mind bender. I first played Soduko back in 2004 and immediately loved it. They say you either love it or you hate it, but i argue you can form a liking to it just like coffee. I will be giving you in this article 7 reasons why you should give it a try and avoid quitting immediately if you don’t develop a feel for it:

  1. It strengthens your logical thinking and solution making. Sudoku needs you to be systematic and strategic in how you eliminate numbers and discover their places. Sometimes the process is repetitive and systematic but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. It’s a good way to develop patience and endurance especially for a distracted mind which brings me to the next point
  2. It increases your focus. This can help you not only professionally but in your personal life. Do you ever get told you hop from one topic to another or lose focus quickly? Soduko can help. By staying goal oriented and true to the task, numbers have a way in pulling you in in order to solve them.
  3. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. I don’t know about you but every time I am done with a puzzle I feel I achieved something especially for those puzzled I might do online who have an inbuilt timer. If not, you can time yourself before you start and when you are done. This is a good way to track progress.
  4. It’s a form of healthy competition. You know how all those romantic movies starring a lead actress who is pretty but also smart and she says something along the lines of “ I won’t compete with others, I’ll compete with my past self” when trying to motivate herself for success? This is one thing that’s good about one player “ Puzzles”. You get to track your progress and compete against your past self. No need to hate on anyone or call anyone names or even feel bad that you lost. It just means you’ll do better next time.
  5. It’s affordable. Both financially and when considering time. Especially if you started to master the puzzle. It won’t cost you anything except for the wifi connection you already have and the device you probably already also have. If you wish you could print out some puzzles or simply buy a sudoku puzzle book which must be sold in Jarir. I personally like hand held books but recently have been playing online and there are benefits to be had. It’s accessible any time since my phone is always with me and the online version is somewhat easier to solve.
  6. It’s not so hard to understand. The biggest challenge is at first when you are starting the game and need to develop strategies to complete the puzzle but this was also one of the most fun parts for me especially when I noticed my strategies worked. It was a boost and especially when my time in solving them decreased and I could see I was getting better at it.
  7. It can reduce anxiety and stress. During those moments of anxiety creeping in and stress overcoming you, playing a game or a few of sudoku can redirect your mental faculties to something more logical and reasonable. The focus on the task will move you away from feelings of powerlessness and solving your puzzle can help you regain the feeling of control and achievement. It’s a good break that redirects your energies into something more productive and less alarming.There, you have seven reasons why you should not only view sudoku as a game, but as a fun way to develop your skills and keep yourself in check. These Skills can benefit you personally and professionally and can be a form of brain training through numbers, logic and reason in the form of puzzles.


Puzzle photo created by freepik

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