Wonder With Gil

Gilian has worked as an ESL instructor in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for 6 years and eventually became a freelance writer when she started a family. She has been working as a freelance writer and photographer since 2012 for both international and local companies while taking care of her kids at home. She like writing about family, teaching kids, and blogging on how to earn online/at home.


Blog: www.islesgilian.com
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Twitter: @islesgilian
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E-mail: islesgilian@gmail.com


Every Picture Tells a Story

I love doodling or lettering the lessons I've learned. Doodle with Gil #2: Picture reminds me of the different photos people post on social media. We should not feel bad, neither should we envy great photos because there is always a story…

Interaction Matters

Talking and listening to our kids are very important parts of their emotional lives. Listen to their stories. They maybe senseless to you, but it is something amazing for them. The moment we show that we don’t care about what they are…


Back in my home country, I grew up reading about Ramadan in our history books. I knew it as just one of the main events celebrated by muslims. When I came to Jeddah, celebrating Ramadan became an experience for me. Although I am a…

Think Twice

This was supposed to be a speech for this year’s graduates or for students going back to their home countries.  I realized however, that this piece is also perfect for every college student, for every student. THINK TWICE When I was in your…

The Woman in the Balcony

Standing in the balcony, there she stood looking as far as she could. I was stuck in traffic when I saw this old lady in the second floor of her house. She was running her weakly wrinkled fingers just below her jaw, gently brushing her…
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