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In response to the growing COVID19 outbreak,companies are urging employees to work from home to slow down the spread of the virus.

All efforts aim to flatten the curve. People are getting used to work remotely from home,without having to be in office.It is a magic spell for increasing productivity and work-life balance.

Imagine if corona came 2 decades back,definitely business would have ground to a halt.Now with seamless connectivity ,work simply goes on and i am sure that Work from home (WFH) will be the office of the future since they is no real loss in productivity and employee morale.

Below are few ways to make sure you can work remotely and be more  productive at your job sitting in your comfort zone and enjoying the perks of not having to travel to office.

1.Set up a proper work space

First of all,set up an appropriate space where you can concentrate and work effectively.It doesn’t have to be a dedicated office with a door that closes.Your work desk  should have a good quality chair,proper lightning and should be customized to your requirements.Ideas would be to set up a work desk to make things more comfortable and a place that mentally prepares you for workmode.And other members of the household know that this place is designated for work.

Avoid:Sitting on a couch or rocking chair that makes you a couch potato !

2.Dress the part 

As a rule of thumb, dress up like you would if you were going to a real office-it will put you in the right state of mind.

Avoid: Wearing pyjamas – keep them for sleeping in!

Avoid: Rolling out of bed and starting work straight away!

3.Create a new structure

Both we as parents  and our kids are at home now,after companies and school closure,so its important to create a new structure.This is a perfect time to reconnect with your kids,entertain and play with them.Make sure you spend quality time with kids .Have some activities in your back-pocket  to keep your kids occupied while you try to manage your work.

4.Establish a routine

Keeping lines of communication open is very important.Always aim to stick to your regular office hours.This is specially important for you as a leader so that you can remain available with your team.Try to start work around the same time everyday if you can and schedule your breaks around same time if possible.And yeah with the devices and technology that allow people to reach us constantly,you can end up working 24/7.

Avoid: Resist the temptation of being lazy,this will kill your productivity and pile up your work.

5.Organize your day

Its great not having a manager looking at your shoulder,right?UH,not really-set yourself a list of tasks you will do each day and prioritize them.Apart from work its a great opportunity to spend time for self reflection,read more books and set up personal goals.

Avoid:Losing focus and spending too little time on tasks

6.Take regular break throughout the day and eat healthy

You should try to  exercise each day and keep your kitchen stocked with healthy foods.Also,take regular breaks like you would do in a regular office.An ideas is to have a coffee machine chats virtually by calling a colleague and having short chat to check-in on each other.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends the 20-20-20 rule:every 20 minutes look away from your screen and focus your eyes on something feet away for 20 seconds

Avoid: Sitting for hours at the work desk and eating junk food

7.Avoid distractions

You should allocate yourself sometime each day to read the news and check social media.But,set yourself time limits.

Avoid: Don’t spend whole time on social media.


8.Use remote work tools

Thanks to technology ,its easier than ever to conduct business via smartphone or laptop.You can have daily audio and video conference via zoom,gotomeeting,cisco webex etc.You can store and share files via Google drive,Dropbox,one drive and next cloud.

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  1. Frugal and Frills says

    Yes great pointers! A lot of people will need this right now as most are remote working!

  2. The Parent Game says

    Working from home isn’t always as easy as it sounds, so this is going to be a very useful post at the moment!

  3. Anonymous says

    These are great tips. I love that you suggest that people even working temporarily from home should set up a proper workspace. It makes a difference!


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