You are not your job description, responsibilities and duties

You are not your job description, responsibilities and duties…

You are what you contributed to your job description….


How A Casual Meatpacker Scored A Full-time Job As A Trainer With A 44% Pay-rise!!

By Vidhya Raghavan

Resume Writer & Career Coach

“I just need extra hours to pay the bills. I have to feed my 3 kids and pay their school expenses. Can you please help me find a second job, so I get paid more? Now, I am earning AUD 20/-. for only 20 hours a week. It’s just not enough to make it through the month”.

Basically, she was at her wits end and desperate.

Cathy had worked as a casual meat packer for over 15 years. Beyond that, she had no further qualifications/training or industry experience.

With a lot of fact-finding questions, her work life was analysed on a day to day, week on week, month on month basis to elicit her responsibilities, skills, core competencies.

What we discovered was that over a period of 15 years she had evolved beyond just packing meat. She was engaged in performing several significant roles unknowingly. Some of the roles that we uncovered to her incredible surprise was liaising with different departments, logistics, OHS initiatives and checking quality. The most important role that she got excited about was inducting and training new casual employees, for which she was chosen as the go-to person by the Head of Department.

So, we prepared a power resume and an impressive cover letter that not only included the several core competencies that evolved beyond meat packing. We also included initiatives, contributions, achievements and industry network she had access to and what value she could bring the business.

This was a perfect example of an employee growing well beyond their job description and not even realizing it.

Moreover, we helped her enroll into a government aided initiative to upskill employees. She successfully completed her Certificate IV – Training and Assessment in a few months.

Her confidence had soared, and it was like she had discovered a different version of herself – one with potential. I remember her telling me that soon after her second coaching session, when her partner rang the doorbell and she opened the door, his response was, “What the hell happened? You look different….You are not the same person I said, ‘Bi’ to, this morning….You look like you won a million dollars”.

What happened next, was a total surprise to me. Soon after she had finished her Certificate IV – Training and Assessment, she was so full of confidence, that she took the initiative to email her now updated resume and cover letter to her previous employer and asked him for a personal interview. She then not only successfully negotiated for a full-time job, but also managed to negotiate a 44% pay rise within weeks!!

The best part was, she was not even coached for interview strategies!!

**Moral of the story**: You are not your job description. You are the sum total of all the contributions, value adds and achievements you have demonstrated in your job.

So, if you are keen to learn how you have evolved beyond your job description and attract a paycheck you deserve for all that you are worth, please email me on

*Names have been changed at the request of the candidate.

Be resume-ready!! You next job with the attractive paycheck is just around the corner!!

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    💗 Thank you for noting just how much we can feel empowered when our resume displays our skills correctly.

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