10 Signs of Summer in Saudi Arabia

Every country may have its own signs of summer depending on its geographical whereabouts, but also it’s culture. In Europe, summer is indicated by busy beaches and tanned bodies. Ice cream lovers pop up as soon as the sun pops up in spring and they continue to grow in numbers well into the summer. So, what are some signs of summer in Saudi Arabia? Lets try to name a few:

  1. People start to vanish from the outdoors especially individuals who wear glasses and are haunted by the mist their wearables gather every time they step into humidity. I know, I’m one of them.
  2. The above applies to women who like to experiment with makeup, too. I was also one of those also. I’d spend well over 30 minutes working on my appearance only to feel it all melted away the second I left the house to get into the car.
  3. The lazy slap of flip-flops on a tiled floor.
  4. We eat more fruits like watermelon not because we want the beach body but because we are dehydrated.
  5. The sound of silence as people stop fighting over the AC and whether it should be on or off.
  6. The sound of cursing when people enter their car in the morning due to heated cars and humid air.
  7. Accidentally tanning your hands as you drive throughout the day and realizing it only when you are at a gathering and wearing a sleeveless.
  8. Guilt free Netflix binge watching unlike other western countries who feel shameful if they stay indoors during a sunny day.
  9. Showers increase exponentially for anyone having to spend time outdoors in order to control body odour. Bless newlyweds, this may entail lots of awkwardness.
  10. You have to take your kids with you everywhere you go because when schools are off there isn’t much to keep them busy with.

With things changing in Saudi, it will be interesting to see how this list grows and accommodates the younger generation and their exposure to other cultures. We might see youth dabbling in more out-of-school activities that could be assigned for summer vacations. Or we might see something like what the Croatians do to keep people outdoors in cafes during summer heat waves. They have sprinklers that sprinkle water mist every few seconds on guests as a means to keep them cooled off, however, remaining warm enough to continue to order more to drink. Saudi may start to have newer signs of summer if we do actually end up being a society that appreciates the outdoors all year long not only during the shorter winter months.

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