Catalysts for Career Change

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If you are looking to move into a different area of work, read on.

My friends from school are high fliers. I took the high-flying part somewhat literally, and made the mission of my twenties to travel and experience different cultures. By voluntary projects and teaching English, this is what I did. Then came a point where I thought, it’s time for something else.

Consider Your Motives

Think carefully for your reasons to want change. Have you always been interested in the new field, but hadn’t gotten round to it? Are you fed up with the people who are working with? Are you part of a family business, or from a family of say, medical professionals, where it would be controversial to go against tradition? Are you at a different stage of life, now with family? Would you like to relocate? Keep asking yourself questions and eventually you’ll pinpoint some answers which will help shape your next steps. You may find it’s not the type of work you do that’s the issue, just your present company.

Re-Examine Your Experience

Double space your CV and print it off. Consider your transferable skills. Are you a people person? Is there a thread in your work history which demonstrates organizational or leadership skills? What shows that you are able to work on your own initiative? As a child, what did you want to be, and how did that manifest itself over the years? Have a thesaurus ready and start re-writing your career narrative.

The Readiness is All

If you do what you have always done, most likely you will get the same results. Ask yourself if you are really ready for change. It could be that you physically have to make space for something new, maybe by getting rid of old uniforms. You can help yourself mentally by visualizing how you would like things to be. Use all your senses. How does that new job make you feel?


Tell your friends about what you are seeking. In my case, a couple of conversations with good friends proved pivotal in making the leap. Shout out to Vidhya Raghavan who was a major catalyst for change! I was about ready to take a job teaching to balance the books, but I had a lot of reservations. Vidhya talked me through how she coaches to enable new directions. That conversation furthered my impetus for change. The next day I was telling another friend about Vidhya, and she then went home and sent me an advert for the job I now have.

Summon Courage and Energy

Change takes a lot of energy. It’s easy to continue treading the path we’ve always known, while blazing a trail takes gumption. Step out of your comfort zone and stay positive on where it may lead you. Find the job description of what you’re looking for and work backwards. Be creative in how you can reach your goal. In five or ten years, would you regret not trying? If so, take action!

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