Childbirth is Like a Road Trip

Are You Prepared?

Childbirth is Like a Road Trip

Are You Prepared for a Road Trip?

Doula Nour Hafifi

In a social gathering, there are few pregnant women in the room – They started talking, and the conversation goes this way,

A: ‘’So, are you going for the epidural?’’

B: ‘’I don’t know. I will just look and see how it goes on that day.’’

As a Doula, I cringed hearing such conversation among pregnant women. No, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against epidural (when necessary), it’s the ‘’how it goes’’ statement that makes me want to scream… STOP RIGHT THERE. You plan for a road trip don’t you, why do you take a wait and see stance with childbirth?


We put so much plan on everything else in our lives, our wedding, our honeymoon, our baby’s nursery, our children education, but when it comes to childbirth, many women take a ‘let’s see how it goes stance.’ Perhaps the argument is, childbirth is different with every woman, we cannot control the outcome, we do not know what to expect (or do we) but how much difference is it in taking a road trip?


There are many factors that things might go wrong as well when going to a new vacation spot; faulty car, natural disaster, a victim of theft, held back by accident or sickness, yet we still plan and hope for a good trip outcome. We don’t jump in on a car to a place without at least knowing what’s there ahead of you. Maybe we would if the one who took us on a trip is a billionaire on a private jet to a private island, even then he had planned the trip to his best capacity.


Knowing what to expect in childbirth helps us prepare for a better outcome and experience. Giving birth is just one small part of the whole parenting and transitioning to the new role as a parent can be done more smoothly when you know what to expect and the unexpected of childbirth. We put so many thoughts on the number of calories for our meal, but we carelessly ‘check-in’ to the delivery room without knowing any procedures or process that are ahead of us.


Is it because you trust the care provider? Well, being educated is not mistrusting anyone judgment but taking a more informed effort in your decision making. When things go south, you understand why it happens. We should prepare ourselves in any decision making in our lives. Knowing allows us to be more settled when our wishes did not go as plan. As I always say, reducing the need to recover from trauma by being prepared.


Preparing for childbirth can be overwhelming to women, especially if the information is from one woman to another, which might not be evidence-based practices. Like taking a road trip, get an agent to sort of the deals for you unless you are an expert in sifting out the real deal. Resources are readily available; whether it is YouTube or one on one classes with a Childbirth Educator.


If there’s one reason why you should prepare for childbirth, it is because you need to know what happens to your body, just like you need to know where the road leads to your road trip.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I totally agree… Thank you. And as with everything in life. Preparation is key.

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