Feeling Rejection By MOM

By: Sundus Yusuf

Feeling Rejection By MOM

Rejection is never a good feeling, it always hurts whether the rejection we experience is small or large we still go through emotional pain. Rejection also damages our self-esteem, mood and changes our behavior towards others.

Being rejected by one of the parents can affect child’s personality, behavior and can do greater, long-lasting emotional damage. Children tend to become aggressive or very sensitive, insecure and sometimes ill-natured.

Rejection can take on many subtle forms. Few examples of rejection within a family.

  • Spending more time on your phone or online.
  • Not showing interest when your child speaks.
  • One parent leaving and not following through on commitments.

Rejection by the mother has huge effects on children.

Unfortunately, MANY of my young students are facing rejection and that too by their mothers.

” My mother loves her phone more than me”- 3rd-grade student.

” I don’t like talking to my mother because she is always on her phone and never listens to me when I have something to tell, She doesn’t listen and I walk away she tells me to come back and repeat what I said. I just say ”never mind’ and leave.” – 5th-grade student

” Whenever my mom is on the phone if I just call her ”Mama” ”Mama” , she starts yelling ”WHAT DO YOU WANT” ask dada (maid) to help you out leave me alone. She always finds me annoying.” – 5th-grade student

” My mom comes from work and warns us not to knock the door of her room because she wants to rest, whenever I enter to her room accidentally, I find her on the phone and not resting (sleeping). My baby sister and I play alone and she does not play with us.” – 3rd-grade student

” I see my mom only in summer vacations, she is studying aboard and I stay with my dad. I do not know why she did not complete her studies before I born. Sometimes I miss her so much.” – A 4th-grade student

” I have mother but I feel like I have no mother” – 4th-grade student

“The goal of parenting is not that we are perfect, however, but that our hearts are for our children.” -Rachel

My student’s words were heart wrenching. I thought of sharing and raising this topic.

Message for those mothers: I understand you are busy, you are tired but I fear one day they will stop calling you ”mother, mama, mom”, I fear one day they will stop throwing tantrums for your attention and You will miss it.

Sundus Yusuf


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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Wow… Sundus. I almost cried. Thank you… This was very touching. I hope it raises awareness. 🤗

  2. Alexandria Finch
    Alexandria Finch says

    Mashallah excellent reminder! When they are awake I must STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE!!!!! I try to get online only when they are at school or studying, or they are taking midday nap! Thanks so much for reminder!!!

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