From the House to the Corporate World: How Housewives Can Prepare and Fill Those Resume Gaps

As I was browsing on Facebook, I saw an article about a CEO calling out people to give chance to moms who have resume gaps while raising kids.

What is a resume gap? A resume gap usually happens when a woman decides to stop working to take care of her newborn or kids. She usually comes back to work, let’s say after three to four years. The problem now starts upon updating her resume. It says she has not worked for years. This makes most companies ignore the resume even if the person is qualified for the position. It sounds unfair because to prioritize the kids is something noble, an act of sacrifice that a mom has done, and now she has to suffer for the resume gaps by having a hard time coming back to work.

I admire the man who made the post viral about giving chance to moms who are experiencing this, but let’s be honest, most companies might ignore that. So, how do we beat those resume gaps as moms?

Here are some effective ways:

  1. Take Short Online Courses.

I know, you think I’m crazy, but just hear me out. Taking short courses has its benefits for busy housewives who still want to continue self-development. First, the cost for most short online courses are affordable. It’s lower than the cost of taking the entire family to McDonald’s. Second, time is in your hands. You won’t be pressured to finish it fast. You can take your time. There are some websites though, that are time sensitive. Once you enroll, you must finish in a certain number of weeks or months. These courses doesn’t have to be years, some courses take just weeks, it depends on the time you can commit. As you take your courses, it would be a great way to keep improving in the field you left or take courses as a preparation of where you want to be once you go back to work. Third, taking short courses can actually help you keep your sanity with you as your journey in motherhood takes its toll on you. As you enjoy the new things you are learning, you will find yourself longing to have that hour to study your course as a your “me” time.

Upon updating your resume, you can add all these courses including the certificates that came with them. Well, if the interviewer asks you why you should be hired when you have not even had recent jobs, you can immediately use those courses to justify how you’ve never stopped learning and that you are actually more qualified now than you were before because of the updated knowledge that you have. It also proves that you are a person who never stops learning.

Websites for online courses: (courses range from 40 SAR-above with certificates)
EFFAT University Short courses
AMA Online Degrees

TIP: Be sure to choose those courses with good reviews, long sessions, and many resources attached to it.

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2. Attend Workshops & Seminars.

Seminars and workshops available in your area are great ways to excite you. It helps you meet different people and still be connected to the world outside Legos and Disney shows. It helps balance your life as well because it forces you use those communication skills with adults from time to time. Arrange with your husband and explain that these time-offs are necessary especially if you are planning to come back to work in the coming years.

Workshops in Jeddah:!0


3. Be involved in organizations

Your involvement in community organizations once a month or any time you can is one way of socializing and helping out other moms who are experiencing what you have already overcome. Sometimes, it can even make you see that your burden is lighter compared to what other people are experiencing. This helps you cope up faster in your motherhood journey and be appreciative of what you have as well. Being involved in organizations opens up endless networks of possible opportunities. Even job opportunities once you are ready to come back. You can include this in your resume that you are part of an organization and then you can include your roles. Maybe you have an administrative job in that organization, adding the details of the task you are doing there gives the interviewer an idea of your continuous enhancement of your skills.

-Women empowerment organization in Jeddah:

-The Literary Girls in Jeddah (You can also check out their page on Facebook)
-Jeddah Book Club:

-Here’s an article from DestinationJeddah of some clubs you might be interested in:
Clubs You’d Want to Join in Jeddah

4. Conduct Workshops/Seminars

In your field of interest, think of something that you can teach or share to others. It maybe financial literacy, writing skill, creative skill, technical one, anything that you can share in 3 hours. This is big addition to your resume. Adding that you are a speaker or you hold workshops can be a gap filler in your resume.

After that, you can contact places here where workshops are held or you can start your own workshop even if it is inside your house. With the social media platforms we have now, all you need to do is post what you can offer and people will contact you. Some moms, conduct baking classes inside their house. Some do coaching sessions. So, try to look at your skills and things you like doing.


5. Explore Your Hobbies

Being a housewife is the perfect time to explore your hobby or craft. Hone them. Use them as your source of motivation to enjoy your day. I remember a mom of a Youtuber kid who used to make videos for her company. When she decided to stay at home with her kid, she thought of making videos for her kid as a hobby and bonding activity. She uploaded it on Youtube and it became an instant hit. Her skills improved especially in management of her son’s channel and negotiations with different companies and people. She was able to bond with her kid and of course she enjoyed the money that came after. If she decides to go back to work, she can use that experience and say that her management skills have improved to the point that she brings millions of dollars per year to her client’s account (her son’s account), if you were the interviewer/owner, would you hire her to manage your company?

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6. Be Honest

If after all these suggestions, the interviewer ends up asking why there’s a gap and that they are a little hesitant to hire you because you have not worked for a long time, simply ask them what type of skill the job demands? The interviewer might say “Well, we need someone who is skilled at negotiations.” You tell them how parenting has actually enhanced this skill of yours everyday by giving some examples. The point is, everything you have experienced while taking care of your family are actually advantages once you look at it with a different set of eyes. Does the company need a multitasker? Well, that’s your forte as a mother! By this time, I hope you are getting my point. You are as skilled as anybody who works outside the house, because this is what motherhood has done to you. It has made you emotionally strong, physically prepared, and intellectually advanced all these years. If you wish to work again, don’t think that being a housewife has let you down, it has certainly increased your value as a woman in many many ways.

Do not ever feel guilty that you have spent your years prioritizing your family even if your resume shows some gaps because you have certainly filled your family’s heart.


Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash


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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Excellent! Becoming a mother and raising our children enhances all of our skills and creates new ones all the time. But it seems complicated to get working professionals to acknowledge that. The resources here are so helpful. Thank you. Many women want to have a career after their children are grown or are at least no longer toddlers, but they do not know how to approach updating their resume or how to handle questions during their interviews. You gave us all really beneficial pointers. 😇

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