How to Turn 2021 into A Year of Discovery

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. A lot of us have been left lost, aimless, bored, uncertain, stuck, demotivated, grieving…etc. Priorities have shifted and even goal setting has become an undesirable task especially since the current year is teaching us that we have little control in life.  Every end of the year, we come up with resolutions and outwards goals where perhaps we may measure our achievements and success through the eyes of others. But what if this is the time where we try a new approach. What if instead of focusing on outward goals, we go inwards. We take this as an opportunity to (re)discover who we are rather than what we may achieve. 

Here are a few ideas to help you dive deep and make 2021 a meaningful year of discovery 

  1. Go on a Depth Year. This is when we stop acquiring new things in order to find value in what we have abandoned or neglected. This could include: books, hobbies, games, clothes, cosmetics, purchased online classes, gemstones…etc.  Each person decides the parameters of their depth year. For example, my depth year might include not acquiring any books until I have either read or donated all books in my library. Depth year is an amazing exercise that helps us identify our consumer patterns and what value it adds to our lives. It also is therapeutic as It helps us learn more about ourselves, and adds substance to our lives.  


  1. Declare your commitment to work on one specific area of your life. Generally speaking, life is divided into the following areas: Health, finance and career, family, social life, romance, spirituality, and religion. There is a belief that an imbalance in life happens when we feel dissatisfied with one or several areas of our lives. To help you start through this journey, do a search on a Wheel of Life (also known as Life-Balance Wheel) assessment. They are usually free with a variety of designs and content. The self-assessment allows you to rate your satisfaction in each area of life. Next, you decide on what you would like to focus on, for how long, and what your action plan be.


  1. Go on a mission to declutter your surroundings. A lot of us have collected a lot of items throughout the years and over time these once precious objects have now been reduced to objects that only take up space and collects dust. Decluttering helps us take stock of what we have and remove items that longer serves us.   This includes clothes or jewelry you haven’t worn in ages, books you will never read, fine china you never used…etc. This could also cover un-welcoming people who are toxic, unavailable or untrustworthy.  Decluttering is an act of self-care. It allows you to take back some control over your space and life. It helps improve your overall wellbeing since you might be removing items and people who have a negative significance in your life. It also helps tidy up and makes room, and adds a feeling of serenity in your life.


  1. Have a theme year that will be your chosen lenses to see the world and anything that happens during the year. For instance, you may want to choose to view life through a gratitude lens or to simply be aware of your thoughts and emotions regardless of what comes up your way.  


  1. Use a power word. Basically, you pick an adjective you like and use it to describe a task you are not keen on doing. Let’s say you need to make an uncomfortable phone call. rather than saying “I have to call Debbie Downer”. You can say “I will –gleefully- call Debbie Downer”.  Adding one simple word can have a great effect on our energy and how we perform the task at hand. Suddenly, calling Debbie isn't so bad. (My apologies if you are reading this and your name is Debbie. Most likely you are not a downer at all )


  1. Involve kids in the household by inviting them to decide on what they want to work on. Here are a few suggestions; challenge them to finish a video game before they buy a new one. Agree with them to declutter their toys before they buy new ones.


  1. It’s ok to not have any goals, ideas or desires to work on this year. This decision to not do anything is a goal worth achieving consciously.


To get you through your journey, here are a few tips:

  • KISS: Keep it Simple, Sweetheart.
  • Be kind to yourself. If you fall off your horse, you go back on again. you can also decide to stay on the floor for a while and enjoy the view.
  • Whatever idea you decide to go with, make sure to write it down and define it. Find the balance between having enough details but not be too rigid. Define it in a way that helps you know when you have reached your goal. But don't have too much information where you overwhelm yourself or have no flexibility. 
  • Trust the process. This means that we do our best but let go of trying to control the outcome. Diving deep is about the journey.  


Note on the image used: Spirals are some of the oldest geometric shapes used today. It symbolizes a number of things such as life cycles, change, intuition and feminine traits, and the journey to going inwards.  Whatever 2021 brings forth, remember that you power to make it magical.


Have any questions or you would like to share your idea for the new year? Leave a comment below or drop me a message and if you really want to get to work, feel free to contact me privately for a 20-minute complimentary coaching session to help you declare your intention for 2021.

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