Jeddah’s Latest Treasure Trove (Fashion)

Whether you are looking to shop for the holidays or just simply desire a budget friendly wardrobe makeover, Forsatak Al’aan is the perfect place for it!

Located on the Al Mamun and Al Makaronah Street junction, close to Jeddah National Hospital, in Al Aziziyah district, this single storied shopping center has an excellent variety of clothing and accessories for women, boys and girls ranging from SR.2 to SR.10 only.

Not only are the articles being sold there reasonably priced but also most of the stock available is of very good quality. Clothing items available at this store vary from tops, casual and semi-casual dresses, skirts, shrugs, blazers, trousers, lingerie as well as winter wear starting from SR.5 upto SR.10. It also offers footwear, jewelry, gift boxes, hair accessories, etc. at the same price range.

Other landmarks near Forsatak Al’aan are Samena and the LG Naghi showroom, Makaronah branch. Click on the link below for the fashion store’s address details:


Do you know about more of hidden gems like these in Jeddah?? Let us know in the comments below or email me at


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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    You always find for us the best places in town. This is an excellent one. Thank you for sharing.

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