Ladies, Have You Tried Solo Travelling?

Ola! This is my last article before we end 2019! I can’t believe it has been 12 months, and I can still recall how I started writing for Pathways at the end of last year. Amazing experience! I want to end this year’s write-up with this topic; Solo Travelling for Women.

As much as I love writing, I also enjoy traveling like mad. Sometimes I treat myself trips from my writing gigs pay. Pretty cool to be writing like a digital nomad on the beach, in the plane, or at school while I was part-time teaching. But what I want to expose you ladies to is this trend, which is not so new anymore actually; women solo traveling. Now, what is that?

Women solo traveling are not so popular for Muslim ladies as we need to seek permission from our parents or spouses if you are married. But husbands of this generation are very open-minded as they are educated in this millennial era. I don’t ask my parents as they come from a different generation. There was one time I transit for 24 hours in Muscat, and my mom literally told me, “Do not leave the airport!”. What am I going to do there? Interview all immigration officers? Nay!

I started traveling solo when we had to go for separate trips years ago. My family and I have been living in 4 different countries now, and it is getting harder and harder to bring the whole family with school and work commitments. My husband’s job requires him to travel since the first time I met him 23 years ago. I deserve the same treatment even though I have to work hard and pay for my own trips. It is the permission that I require, not the money.

What I love about traveling solo is, I return home much happier, and that’s good for my kids. I become like a better person after a week or two breaks. I missed my family so much that when I returned, I was rejuvenated and like reborn. This is the mother and wife everyone wants and needs. We are so used to the old system that wives are not allowed to voice her concerns and express why she is unhappy. Moms are not allowed to leave the kids because of social judgments from our society. We have to change that. We have to set our own rules. We have to tell our family that this is not healthy for our marriage and the kids’ wellbeing.

I learned new skills when I traveled solo. I learned to be extra careful and pay additional attention to my surroundings. I searched for tips before I go anywhere. I asked for information from other women solo travelers. I joined many groups to understand why these women are doing this, and I can see no one was unhappy after any of their trips. It is a break we were taking, from all the chaotic daily moms’ routines, from all the rules and procedures, from the usual circle of people — just the break.

I am always thankful to have a supporting husband who now understands that I need this, and this is not an option. I read somewhere this year about how people are spending so much going for therapies like psychiatrist treatments because of their stress. I believe I might as well spend on trips. At least it makes me happy. Among the solo traveling trips I enjoyed were my exotic experience in Colombo, Sri Lanka, my flight back home to Kuala Lumpur from Sao Paulo years ago, and my visits to Oman to see a good friend last year. I attached my recent trip to Beijing after I was awarded one big project last September. Strongly encourage you to try it at least once. Believe me; it is so worth it!

TIPS: Don’t ask for money from your husband. Just use yours, and he’ll be fine! 😉

Dr. Ty

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  1. Anonymous says

    I love traveling. Unfortunately, I couldn’t travel much when I was young. I love how traveling solo has shaped much about my current fascinations and goals. It has also enriched my understanding of patience, tolerance, and acceptance of all people around the world; their race, religions, and cultural beliefs.

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