Ramadan Muslims

By: Sundus Yusuf

Ramadan Kareem

The ‘’holy month of Ramadan’’ is on the ninth month of Hijiri (the Islamic calendar). Muslims fast during Ramadan and it is believed that the holy Quran was first revealed to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during this month.

Muslims pray, recite the Quran, fast during the sunlight hours and practice abstinence not only from food but also having intercourse and all evil thoughts and deeds.

I want to introduce the term ‘Ramadan Muslims’. They are Muslims who practice Islam only during Ramadan. Unfortunately, during Ramadan, most of us only commit to fasting and practice forbidden things intentionally or unintentionally.


few days ago, a friend of mine started wearing hijab ( covering the hair) and sit alone reading the Quran. I remember a few people, who said, ‘’Oh! Since when did you start wearing hijab‘’. They mocked her by calling her ‘’Ramadan Muslim’’, ‘’Today, we see you with the Quran and hijab. After Ramadan, you will play music and practice un-Islamic things”.

I hear people saying, ’’Ohh! He goes to the mosque only during Ramadan and on Fridays. On the other days, he is not a Muslim”.

‘’Ohh! She wears a hijab or covers herself during Ramadan, On the other days, she does not remember. ALLAH is watching’’.

Isn’t it bullying?


Stopping somebody from doing good deeds? (even for the short time)


We are all not perfect! I believe if one would like to respect Ramadan, start praying and covering herself only during the holy month of Ramadan. it is absolutely fine! This shows how much this person respects her/his religion or the holy month of Ramadan. We never know the short period of the person’s praying or doing good may lead them closer to their lord.

Imagine if the person stops praying and wearing hijab during Ramadan too, just because others make fun of them. Who is responsible?

Let’s motivate them, instead of demotivating and criticizing them. Be the reason for their good change! smiley

– Sundus Yusuf

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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    JazakaAllah Khair for the beautiful reminder, of how we should support and not hurt anyone during this holy month of Ramadan, and how it is for us to focus on what we are doing, as opposed to looking at someone else’s actions.

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