Saudi Arabia Final Exit Tips


The important things you need to keep an eye on are: closing bank accounts, clearing loans, cancelling mobile and WIFI service, police clearance and work experience attestation.


  • Firstly, before final exit, go to SAUDIA and find out what available flights are there, before you do final exit. Ask your employer if you can get the cash, instead of the voucher, if flights are limited to Saudia Airlines.
  • Make sure you get a flight, a few days before the last date of the 60 days final exit visa. From the date of the final exit, you are allowed to travel within 60 days.
  • Your final exit can only be completed, only after your family if they are overseas, returns to Saudi Arabia and complete their final exit.
  • Your final exit must be completed before the expiry of the iqama.
  • Some countries may close their airports to international flights, and some airports do not allow self-transfer flights – only connecting flights for international transits.
  • Register your travel details with your embassy, if required.

Mobile number:

  • If you stay here in KSA for 60 days after the final exit has been issued, transfer the SIM card to a friend’s name, as it can get cut after Iqama expiry/ arrival in a different country.
  • If you are with Mobily, use up Nequaty points first.
  • Before you put SIM in someone’s name, ask them to transfer balance and current plan, otherwise you lose it.


  • Cancel all bank Visa cards first as it takes 15 days.
  • Then call SAMBA to organise visa clearance letter. They do not give you a clearance letter for other debit accounts.
  • To be on the safe side, withdraw all your money from your bank before your iqama expires, as it may get frozen and you may not have access to it.
  • Your bank accounts need to have ‘0’ Halalas, before it is officially closed.
  • I requested cancellation letters with SAMBA on phone with a designated pick-up point, at a local branch. SAMBA bank at Tahlia branch have been responsive and has been my preferred branch. When the letter arrives at the branch, they will call you to pick it up.
  • Rajhi gives you the cancellation letters on the spot.

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