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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Here are some of the comments we have already received.


    1. As an expat and wanna be minimalist, I am superconscious of wastage of resources and my friend’s hard earned money – I have an open conversation with close friends about what I value most and it doesn’t always come in gift wraps. Just experiences – quiet dinners, Corniche walks, surprise bicycle rides, beach, picnic. That saves them guess work too.

    Reply – Those matter the most

    Reply – It’s not always easy to initiate the conversation though, but as I get older it becomes important to live true to oneself and communicate that.

    Reply – I do it sometimes, close people give me their receipt incase I want to exchange it, or some they give me money and I buy something with it. And then I tell that person “look with your money, you got me this!”. Perfumes I usually go to Debenhams and smell first before I open them, because if the smell is strong, I will not able to use it.

    Reply – I would be cautious regifting gifts that came from a person that is close to me. All others I do that occasionally.

    Reply – I don’t like to regift as I feel the person goes out of his or her way to get me something. If I feel I am never going to need it I ask my family members if they will use it or give it someone that’s less fortunate.

  2. Farida
    Farida says

    Gifts are valuable to me no matter how cheap it is ! Gifts make me feel appreciated .I SIMPLY ADORE GIFTS mainly when packed 😀
    RegardIng re-gifting, I don’t think it is a bad idea as long as you take the following points into consideration:
    -Re-gifting among the same social circle is definitedly a very bad idea that might bring a lot of headache
    – Re-gifting anything new or in a good condition.
    – When in Doubt, Regift to Charity

    1. Shareefa Basyyoni
      Shareefa Basyyoni says

      Oh… that is great, When in doubt re-gift to charity. I like that. 💓

  3. Farida
    Farida says

    I am a re-gift person 😀 if this makes sense hahhah

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