Should My Kids Play or Study This Summer? | The Dilemma of Parents About Their Kid’s Education


This summer, technically will be the first summer after a school year of online learning for most kids. This pandemic has brought a lot of ups and downs when it comes to our children’s education and many students, teachers, and parents needed to make adjustments to cope up with the new system of learning we are all experiencing.


The New Set-Up


The new set-up for schooling, which is mainly virtual, although some have modules at home, brought fears to parents about the amount of learning their kids have gained this year. One parent felt that her child did not learn a lot and she now feels the need to put her kid in a summer class to at least fill in the gaps of what this new system has caused her kid. A mom admitted that she would help her kids finish some school works just to submit some school requirements on time. These are just some situations why parents are thinking of enrolling their kids to summer classes like math, reading, science classes just to give that little push in case kids missed a lot.


Are Academic Classes Too Much This Summer?

The question is how much of academic classes are you planning to give your kid? Is it the whole morning? From morning to afternoon just like school days? Or just an hour or 2? How many subjects? How many days a week? These are all the things to be considered if you are planning to give your kids some academic classes this summer.

If you really think your kid needs a little push, then go ahead and let your kid attend one, but never give the child 3 to 5 subjects in one day, 5 times a week. A good catching up can be 1-1 1/2 hours a day for math for example. Or if the child needs reading practice, you can sit with the child for some reading activities for thirty minutes a day. You can alternate these activities. They don’t have to be all in one day unless, you make it fun or like a game so they won’t feel pressured doing it.


What Are The Alternatives?

If I’m not going to enroll my kids to academic classes, what else can they do this summer? Let him have other activities that could release all this year’s tension for at least a month. Let him join other fun activities, just not academics. Look for sports, swimming lessons, dance or ballet lessons, music lessons, any activity that will take 3 times a week or an hour or two a day, anything that would require him to move, be outdoors, or use his other skills and talents. There’s a lot of classes out there. The only challenge is the social distancing at this time, but if you are following proper protocols then there won’t be any problems.

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So, Should My Kids Play or Study This Summer?

Now, the best answer to this will depend on the kid. As a parent, you must assess your kid. Is he exhausted at all the learnings that happened this year? If this is the case, I suggest to let him take a break. If you think he needs a bit of a push in academics, but you don’t want to pressure him, you can use games instead of a formal learning environment. If you want the formal style where the child needs to sit down in one room with a tutor, I suggest limit it to one to one and a half hours a day and maybe focus on one subject a day or maybe alternate days. If you are planning to give him more than one subject, be sure there’s a break or time to play before you start the next one. There is no sense in teaching the child if he resists learning. If he is in the mood, it will be easier for him to understand what is being taught.

Whether you are giving your child a break or a push this summer, just be sure that you see him enjoying most of the time. Make sure that he makes this summer memorable instead of being stressed and pressured. Remember, we are still in a pandemic and a child’s greatest coping and learning mechanism is done through play.

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