Tahajjud during Summer Break

Tahajjud during Summer Break

Tahajjud (The Night Prayer) is a recommended prayer not one of the five obligatory prayers in Islam.

We as human beings always complain ‘why me’ and ‘why I never get what I want’. We all have endless needs and wants. Unfortunately, most of us are unable to sit down peacefully and make a sincere dua (prayer) without rushing or to pray tahajjud asking Allah for our needs. Due to our worldly responsibilities or sometimes laziness. It is somehow difficult for most of us to pray tahajjud during school or working days.

Summer break is a good opportunity to pray tahajjud. Most of us have less work, few responsibilities and some are on holidays. We can take the opportunity and spend one-two mid nights in a week, during the summer break praying at least 2 Rakahs of tahajjud. We can not only enjoy our holidays but, also take a good advantage of our late night stays by praying tahajjud which may only take 10 minutes or less.

Sundus Yusuf J

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