Tell Me Everything

But I don’t want that small hi and hello talk….

Tell me every petty issue

Tell me how you hate being up every day,

And how important it is to be up.

And how the lunch was not enough

How you need some snack with your tea.,

And how you love driving

And how the rush at the turn of the road makes you mad,

And how certain songs are better than others,

And how you hate the chilliness though can’t stand the harsh heat.

Tell me the things that made you angry that morning.

Tell me how you gave up to all the undue desires of your loved ones.

And how you lose it to cacophonous sound of the outside.

Tell me about your school life and all that you faced without me knowing it.

Tell me about your hard times though knowing the struggles

and feeling your forlorn brings tears every time.

And the time you succeeded makes me proud of my belief….a true fighter indeed.

Your telling me that you have forgiven just rolled the tears down

cause I know only an audacious person can let go.

tell me every small thing, I ll never mind.

Instead I’ll feel important.

Tell me about when you first saw love in her eyes, and how she was always there for you,

Tell me how much she means to you.

Tell me about the first time you felt deeply connected to God and then how you were never lost.

Go on for hours about things that may not be important and I promise I ll be hanging on to every word you say.

Tell me everything I don’t want to be the person with whom you talk of weather.


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