To My daughter ‘Abeer’

It still seems like yesterday that I brought you home

wrapped in pink as you had a company wrapped in blue too,

you both were my new bundles of joy.

The day when you were all excited to start your first step to school,

you were all the more excited to try on the new things and with you,

you dragged your other company.

Time flies and so it did…… and here today I am helping you embark on the next journey,

a life with a family of your own.

Since I’ve been at this for quite some time,

I thought I’d give you a little advice to help along the way:

Take as many opportunities as you can to tell each other how much you love and respect one another.

Remember that respect can mean appreciating another’s viewpoint,

so don’t stifle him and don’t let him stifle you.

Have fun together.

Find new and exciting ways to experience life.

Set goals that you both want, and you’ll enjoy the journey with a companion.

Remember your commitment, because things will get hard.

It is those difficult times that most strain our relationships,

so always remember to find the rainbow after a storm.

Be the happiness of your new home as you are always mine.

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  1. Anonymous says

    What a euphoric note! Brought tears in my eyes thinking about the bond we share with our daughters as a mother.

  2. Reshma says

    Teary eyed l experienced the euphoria in your words.Reminded the bond we have with our daughters.

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