Top 5 Websites That Pay Moms For Writing

Let’s face it: More than 40% of women with full-time jobs quit their field, or switch to part-time, after giving birth to their first child.

But, does that mean women must lose their financial independence after giving birth? Absolutely not!

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of 5 legit websites that actually pay writers for well-written pieces.

So, if you’re a mom who loves to write, this could be your chance to make some money while taking care of your kids. All you have to do is to create catchy content, following the submission guidelines mentioned on each website.

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1. Funds for Writers

As the name suggests, Funds for Writers aims to help writers earn some cash from their writings. They are mainly interested in publishing pieces that highlight your success, thoughts, and/or advice about some aspect of how you made money through writing. So, if you’ve got an interesting success story, you should get in touch with them.

They offer $50 for unpublished original articles of 500 to 600 words and $15 for reprints. You can accept payments via PayPal.

2. Doctor of Credit

Think you’re good with numbers? Do you love to write about finance and credit cards? If so, then you can earn $50 by guest posting to Doctor of Credit.

Preferably, they want you to submit completed articles that are ready to publish but you can also pitch them ideas. They allow writers to include a short bio at the end of a post and payment is made via PayPal as soon as your post goes live on their website.

3. LabMice

If you’re a technology enthusiast, an IT expert, or good at writing technical white papers, LabMice is one site you may want to write for. They require a minimum article length of one full page (1000 to 1500 words) using a 10 pt Arial font size.

LabMice offers a payment of $0.25 cents per word for original, unpublished articles. So, you can easily make $250 for a 1000-word article. And, they also send payments via PayPal.

4. Photoshop Tutorials

This website is an ideal source to generate an income if you are an expert in Photoshop. All you have to do is to create detailed Photoshop-related tutorials that can educate thousands of users.

Photoshop Tutorials pays $50 if you share any quick tip. For full tutorials, you can earn between $150 and $300. To begin, you don’t even need to submit your entire tutorial. Just complete the form on their website with a picture of your tutorial’s final result and they’ll let you know if it meets their requirement.

For original articles related to Photoshop and design, you can earn $25 to $50. All payments are sent via PayPal.

5. The Travel Writer’s Life

If you’re a frequent traveler who loves to explore different parts of the world, you can earn a great deal by submitting your travel articles to this website.

For 300- to 600-word articles, The Travel Writer’s Life pays $50 to $75. You can even earn $100 to $150 for interviews and personal stories and $150 to $200 for articles with specific income advice that encourages readers to generate more income.

Wrap Up

These are just 5 of the paying markets that you can contact to make some bucks online. You’ll find a lot more opportunities by just searching a bit over the internet.

Before sending in your complete article, I’d strongly recommend pitching your ideas first.

Let me know if you need help with your pitch or cold-calling. I’ve been there, done that!

Want to become a successful writer? Check out my post ‘5 Tips to become a superstar content writer‘.

And, if you’re a mom with a successful side hustle, I’d love to hear your story!

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