Value your time as much as your money

By: LuloBlue

A lot of times people focus on saving money and count and measure everything when it comes to expenses and money. One never realizes that the biggest waste isn’t about not using our resources wisely or about putting a budget and sticking to it as to save money. Our biggest waste is on time. In and out of companies I found people often spend so much time in doing tasks that don’t take time and useless meetings that just use up the day and end up always saying I’m so busy but when you really come and break down accomplishment and productivity you will find that it is next to nothing. So let us stop being a victim of wasting time and not getting the actual job done. In this article, I will talk about the biggest mistakes in time management and the three biggest time wasters.

I found a lot of managers do this and they put both their selves and their team under so much pressure and if the team don’t perform we blame the team and not the strategy by which we delegate our tasks. A lot of managers they don’t plan and that is one of the biggest mistakes and when they want something they want the whole world to drop and stop to get the task on hand done as if it were life or death. When we forget that the team has other tasks to complete before you had alarmed everyone about your crisis.

So, step number one: not everything is a crisis and not everything has to be done now.

Saying that means put in a list of priorities and plan it ahead of time this minimizes the chance of failure and disappointment.

Step two: Make everything simple.

A lot of times I find people like to make things hard and talk too much about something to the point that it makes it very difficult both emotionally and physically to do such a task. Break everything down into bullet points if you can’t explain it in one sentence know that you are explaining too much. Break everything down into pros and cons. Break everything down into tables. This will help both you and the person you are delegating the task to.

Step three: Make a decision way ahead of time.

Don’t wait for the last moment to decide something to make your point and your decision clear and stick to it. It doesn’t help when you keep changing your mind and if there is more than one person making the decisions make sure everyone breaks down their reasons for taking a decision into pros and cons and in to bullet points otherwise your meetings will be in vain and you will never be able to make a decision.



Now let’s talk about the top three-time wasters:

1. Procrastination: do you know how many times we say I’m going to do this today and then never ending up finishing the things. Schedule and plan tasks and finish them and to make sure you can stick to them know your self and set a reasonable time for such a task. Don’t try to be a superhero and say you will finish tasks in a time range that isn’t reasonable. That is why superheroes are fictional.

2.Lack of focus: In 2006 University of California researchers found that on average workers are interrupted by phone calls, text messages and people every 3 minutes. That is about 2 hours a day in interruptions. Decide what is important and what you allow to be interrupted for make it clear to you and your colleagues and set your self a no interruptions time.

3.Ineffective meetings: I can’t begin to talk about this, so many times I see people do so many meetings that there isn’t time to do the actual job. Did you know that an average manager spends 70 % of his/her time in meetings and 50% of them are not effective. Not everything has to be done in person. That is why we have emails. List your point across and send it. If the other side isn’t getting your point across that is because you need to simplify what you’re saying and break it down. If you do need to have a meeting make an agenda and simplify it and stick to it. After a meeting give yourself only 5 minutes to plan your next step and make decisions, not to action what you have to do.

With all these tools I do hope you can make a difference to yourself and those around you by valuing your time.

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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Mashallah tabarakallah wonderful article, with great tips… I needed some of these strategies to stop wasting so much time. ×××ooo

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