When you are lost know your self

By: LuloBlue

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut? You feel lost because you studied something and found yourself good at it but not happy. Then you try so hard to find something you like but then you end up learning so much but you get even more lost.

I have been there and it can make you go crazy. Fear no more I have tips to help you get out of that.

Rule # 1 Know you:

What I found best in helping me was taking a Clifton strength exam that helped know my strengths and my weaknesses and helped see what talents I had. By taking the exam I found I was good at inspiring others and helping others. Find the link below to take the test:


Rule # 2 Find out what you’re passionate about:

I know the biggest question now is, How do I know what is it? Take a look at your childhood sees what you loved doing between the ages 7-11, ask siblings, parents or try to remember. It is at this age what we love is our true calling. When I was small I loved to perform.

Rule #3 Find a career

Find a career that combines both rule #1 and rule #2, Give you an example my rule #1 inspiring and helping others. My rule #2 was performing. I found with a combination of both I had talent in life coaching and that is what I should pursue.

Rule #4 Make a decision and take action:

A lot of times we decide to change but we never take action. Make a plan and learn as much as you can and take action one step at a time. Without action decisions are only dreams.

Rule #5 Practice makes perfect

Try to learn about your new career but don’t wait to practice it. Believe in yourself and you will thrive.


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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Such great advice! ♥️ Thank you. I pray many people read this. I wish I would have had this valuable knowledge when I was young. 👏👏😍😍

  2. Alexandria Finch
    Alexandria Finch says

    Mash Allah so inspiring!!! Are there any exams we can take for free (sorry I have no credit card, and am a sham) that are as beneficial as the one you recommend?? Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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