When You Feel Stuck

Would you believe me if I told you that everyone feels stuck at least one time in their lives? Some people have felt stuck many times. It’s part of the process of life. Being stuck doesn’t mean you did something wrong. On the contrary, it simply means you are a human having a human experience. Feeling stuck is not a pleasant feeling, it’s uncomfortable, painful and torturous. However, it is also an indication that something(s) in your life is not working in a way that serves your any good. As frustrating as it feels, it’s a wonderful time to assess our lives and make changes accordingly.


Here are a few suggestions to get un-stuck and out of the hole, cave or however you envision being stuck is. As usual, feel free to leave a comment below, or send me an email or message on Instagram. (Note, these are meant to be suggestions that worked for me but at the end of the day you are the only person to know what works for you):

  1. Loving & Kindness

    Towards ourselves. This could be the MOST important ingredient to get unstuck. When we feel stuck, we tend to be judgmental and hard on ourselves. We might feel anger and disappointment towards ourselves for being in this situation. Imagine this, you are lost somewhere. Are you going to spend your time and energy trying to find a way out or you going to beat yourself up for being in this situation? doing both doesn’t work. Otherwise, you would have been out already. The reinforced negative messages you are sending yourself will be too distracting to find a solution.

  2. Surrender

    As difficult as it might seem, let go of your need to control and allow the universe, God, higher power, whatever you believe in, take care of things. You have enough on your plate right now. Surrendering does not mean giving up. Surrendering means that I know I have done my best; I don’t have answers and that is ok. Letting go and surrendering isn’t an easy process but working towards it is a great start.

  3. Be Present

    With surrender, comes LETTING GO OF THE OUTCOME. Don’t spend time thinking about the moment when you are finally unstuck. Instead, fo

  4. cus on the here and now rather than being stuck and wanting to get un-stuck. “Energy flows where the thoughts go”. Breathe, focus on your slow breathing. Be aware of all the changes that your body goes through when you breathe.
  5. KISS: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart!

    This can cover lots of things. Including: decluttering (whether it’s objects, people or thoughts, financial budgeting, simplifying plans and goals, asking for help…etc.

  6. Lists

    If you already have or are working on a list of actions, here are a few tips which might help you turn the list into a successful one:

    • Instead of referring to it as “To Do List”, have some fun names instead. Give it a funky or funny name. I sometimes like to call mine “My Choose to Do List”. This way it reminds me that I have a choice on whether or not I want to cross the items off my list.
    • Have realistic items.
    • Minimize the items to 4-5 per list. Long lists remind us of how far we still have to go. Not very motivating and it can be distracting.
    • When I have a lot of items to work on, I create a big general list, and from that list I draw 5 essential / top priority ones. Once this is complete, I go back to the general list and pick the next five. Of course, some circumstances call for a “Choose to Do List” with more than 5 items. That is fine. It’s your list and you know best what works.
  7. Practice Gratitude

    Practice gratitude and celebrate current accomplishments no matter how big or small they are.

  8. Have Fun

    Don’t take yourself too seriously.

  9. Task Force

    Start a task force, call in your support and accountability buddies – I bet that someone else in your life might be feeling stuck or is struggling to finish a few tasks they committed to – each one will decide on her individual goals / items and the deadline and what support she would like to get from the ‘Choose to Do List”. Remember, to truly support others, and of course yourself.

Want more resources to get unstuck? join us in a workshop “Power Up! Revive the Superhero within” on Oct 12th 2019, 1pm – 5pm. For further information and to register, visit: https://forms.gle/UZM9ArB8tBWV7N1r7


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    Hi riem

  2. Anonymous says

    Thanks again. I love all the advice. Especially the ‘choose to do list’. I usually have a list of thing I need or want to do. I’ve learned not to sweat it if I end up moving it forward to the next day.

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