Why Do We See Fewer Women in the Workforce?

By: Psychology Talks

Women are the pillars of every society, the basic unit of a family and play an essential role in the economic development of any country. They work in all areas, side by side with men but we see lesser women at senior level positions. The irony of the situation is that women are incredibly talented but leave the workforce in half the way.

One of the main reasons is the overburden of societal expectations. Women are pressurized to excel on all fronts. The burden gets heavier when a woman becomes mothers. Men handle certain chores, but household chores are always seen to be women’s domain and their major responsibility. There is always a woman, needed to remind the husband to do simple household chores such as picking up kids from school on time, giving the medicines at the right time, putting dishes in the dishwasher, etc. As a matter of fact, there is always a woman’s brain working behind the scenes, managing the stuff that makes his duties possible.

According to the 2017 Modern Family Index, commissioned by Bright Horizons, women are two times more likely to be managing the household and three times more likely to be managing their children’s schedules.

CEO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg shed light on this topic and pointed out two primary reasons that women do not pursue a career are:

  1. Women face harder choices between professional success and personal fulfillment and
  2. Women systematically underestimate their abilities.

Women can achieve much more if they are given proper support and favorable environment at the workplace and at home, which will in return be more beneficial for the whole society. Let’s support every woman to realize her potential and make her journey easy so, the entire nation can reap the benefit.

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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Love this. We really do have a lot of pressure on us. Men usually only have to live up to being a good source of income to receive praise. Women, however, need to excel at everything… Career, spouse, mother, family member and in her social life. It gets exhausting.

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